15 Eylül 2013 Pazar


new arrivals (from Neverheard Distro, Pest Recs, Corkra Prods and Italian band Maerormid) in stock!

* Witchcraft (Hun) - Hegyek felettem  (Album) - CD
Neverhead Distro - Black Metal
* Mystagog - (HUN) ...of Old  (Album) - CD
Neverhead Distro - Black Metal
* Maerormid (ITA) - Zenit (EP) - CD
Self Release - Black Metal
* Maerormid (ITA) - Abissi (Album) - CD
Self Release - Black Metal
* Necroratory (HUN) - Mad Disease (Album) - Digipack Pro CD-r
Self Release - Black Metal
* Mormânt de Snagov (FIN) - Derisive Philosophy (Album) - Pro CD-r
Pest Records - Black Metal
* In Crucem Agere (AUT) - Chained Up in Despair (Demo) - Pro Done Tape
Corkra Productions - Black Metal
* Kolac (SER) - Bastard Son is Dead (Album) - Pro Done Tape
Moon Records - Black Metal
* Velm (HUN) - Foldek (Album) - Pro Done Tape
Neverheard Distro - Black Metal

labels: trade offers are always welcome!
label looking bands: feel free to get in touch with me for asking your records to releasing on tape!

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